The Glastonbury-Philip Lako

Resilience with kidness and purpose

The Glastonbury Company have been helping people to reach their dreams since 1989. On August 2020, they publish on their website a sneak peak of my new book, “The Ten-Year-Old Man”, if you want to read more, please click on the link.

Stories of Hope and Freedom

Please enjoy this story produced by WTV Perth: Australia is the land of opportunity and this is often seen most clearly and harnessed by refugees who have relocated from adversity. Stories of Hope and Freedom enlightened the big crowd who gathered at the weekend to hear the journey of refugees who are now success stories and thriving. 


Faith in God spurs the "10-Year-Old Man" child soldier

The Record, the best in Catholic news from across the Archdiocese of Perth, wrote an article on July 2019 about my autobiography. I am more that grateful for al the support, please follow the link to read more about my story.

South Sudanese refugee honoured for volunteer work with WA migrants

“Migrants should be made to feel more confident” that’s what I told to ABC News back in 2016 when they asked my about my volunteer work here is Australia. Please enjoy the article by clicking on the link below.


Equatoria Day

The South Sudanese Equatoria Community Association WA  Inc. is the umbrella association for a number of  incorporated communities from the Equatoria region in South Sudan. Equatoria region of South Sudan is owned and habited by over  36 tribes including Mundari tribe where Philip hailed from. 

The Attorney General of Australia, who inaugurated the Equatoria Community Cultural Day on 9th March 2019, admired the Equatoria Community and praised the Community for its high regard towards education and social cohesion. The cultural day is celebrated  in March each year. The community aims to maintain cultural activities/traditions that promote social and mental health and well being  as well as instilling virtues to children to grow up as good members of the society and the citizens.